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About Us

Why the trio?

Communications. Marketing. Technology.

We're liberal arts majors, so what else would we focus on?! Plus we're true tech geeks. 

We love to listen. We love to evaluate (no judgement zone). We love to think BIG and create. All of this equals a natural fit for us - and is actually a win win for our clients!

Are you a team of landscapers?

Ha ha! We get that all the time! No, but in a very real way, we've been trained to do exactly what horticulturists do! Our founders father is a retired horticulturist and farmer. Growing up, she would watch him use scientific knowledge and experience to cultivate and propagate plants. He would take seemingly dead and and brown plants and place them in one of his many greenhouses. He would test the soil, repot them, prune, fertilize them - whatever they needed. And soon, in the warm, moist environment of his greenhouse, the plants would thrive!   

That's exactly what we do for our clients. 

Why LGH?

We work in different dimensions that other companies. We're totally oddballs and we love it! It allows us to write in 3D, find solutions others hadn't thought of and give you our best work. 


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