About MyVaultz

It All Started With A Near-Death Experience...

Nope. This isn't the beginning of a joke - our founder was fresh out of college and working in her real first job. She was alone in her studio apartment – complete with a pulldown Murphy bed enjoying dinner and she started to choke. Her life flashed before her eyes. No one would know about the causes she cared about! The people who’d made an impact on her life would never know it. It was all about to be lost in the vaultz of her mind, heart and soul forever!  Just before she passed out, she imagined her parents cleaning out her apartment… And her last thought went to: "I wish I’d told my sister, if anything happens to me, get to my bedside table before Mom and Dad do!”  

She remembered her Girl Scout training and performed the Heimlich maneuver on herself on the back of a chair. She was breathing! But all these years, these questions have stayed with her:   "How could we build a platform to create and control our personal legacy?" And, "Why aren't personal legacies connected to our will?" 

Praise the Control Freaks & Tech Geeks!

We admit it! We're control freaks! (But, seriously aren't you too?) And we love technology and being general badass disrupters - so obviously we've combined those pieces and parts and created a FinTech solution that 1) solves a real problem, 2) has an endless market and 3) our technological advantage is... (shhhh!) It's a secret!  


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